Eddie Howe leaves Bournemouth


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I called this last week, that his job was on the line because the impact of relegation on Bournemouth financially could be devastating. Didn't they exceed FFP when they got promoted too?
He has done a remarkable job considering the position they were in when he returned after leaving Burnley and if you told any Bournemouth fan at that time that they would be playing in the Premier League in the future you would have been laughed at.Seems to be a decent guy also and deserves better than some of the derogatory remarks on here.
The remarks are de rigueur from some of the experts on here.
Hes done a superb job with a club who for years bumped about in the lower divisions.
A tiny ground by Premier standards
Clearly not able to sustain itself through the gate without Sky and Prem big bucks.
Players will desert like rats off a sinking ship.
The Cherries fans have had a good few years.
The reality outside the bubble will bring them down to earth quickly.
Don’t they have a wealthy backer to fund them?

If so, he will put two fingers up at the EFL’s FFP and financial back them into the top flight. They could be in a better financial positing than us. I hope it doesn’t work that way.