Early Doors

To be fair, Craig Cash had already co-created The Royle Family with Caroline Ahearne and Henry Normal about 4 years before Early Doors began.
Yes you’re absolutely right. Mealey didn’t get involved with RF until after Early Doors so that’s where the timeline was confused.
One of the best tv shows ever. Love everything about it.

The mix of humour and genuine emotion is wonderful. Brilliantly acted too.
They had a big problem getting this commissioned, BBC wouldn't touch it initially so the writers tried to bring a well known comedian (PK) in as executive producer to add some star backing, but he started to rewrite it and be a total d*ck about everything. So they ditched him, stuck to their guns and eventually BBC took it on. So close to becoming a script sat gathering dust on a shelf.
More evidence that Penelope Keith is a liability.
I concur that Early Doors is an underrated classic.
I never watched all of this but enjoyed the episodes I did see. The pub and characters remind me of the Cleveland Inn, Normanby in the 80's & 90's when you had to be careful what you said or get tortured for months.
think my favourite bit has to be Tommy and his job - where he goes on about how much he hates the people he works with.

I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it
I'll stay on me own.

I squeeze this into general conversation whenever I get the chance. The thing is no one I know has seen Early Doors so have no idea why I say it. Gives me a little giggle inside every time. Brilliant show.