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Looks like the manager got it wrong not making 1 or 2 changes with hindsight. Looks like Fletcher should Definetly not of been risked.

Bettinelli is a scandal. An absolute fraud of a goalkeeper.

Howson and Morsy were appaling. Akpom isn’t a footballer.

Nice to see Fry score. Thought bola was decent first half. Johnson did ok for a bit. Kebano and Watmore weren’t at their best but looked the most like to do something from the starters. I’m just sick of our midfield and goalkeeper costing us games. Fry and McNair ***** aswell today


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I thought McNair was woeful first half, in no man's land every time barring the goal line clearance. Fry nowhere near his man for the first and looked weak throughout. Dijksteel had to cover so often without having the pace for it. Fisher looking out of place in the opposition half.

Howson had a stinker and he's slowing down. Turned slowly, often straight into an opposition player.

Fletcher looked as poor as he does most games before going off, back to how he played the game before last.

I can't agree that Morsy was poor, he Bola and Whatmore our best performers of the starters. Kebano was quiet.

Of the subs Johnson once again delivered. Saville didn't look too bad. Mendez Laing looks way off the pace. Assombalonga and Akpom their usual selves.

If Archer can't get in this side he must be some keeper.


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Sick of relying on a mug like Fletcher to be our saviour.
Nearly 3 years of what??? Ffffft
Would love it if we could just put him and Britt down as 'bad experiences'.
But, oh no, here comes Akpom for £2.8m on a 3 year deal.
As we have no money we're stuck with this latest knob until summer 2023.
Boro Recruitment Team - the gift that keeps on giving


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Diabolical says it all really! We have dropped 12 points against teams that were on terrible runs Birmingham, Rotherham, Derby and now Bristol and if we had won those games we would be in 2nd place. On each occasion I wouldnt have said we ever looked like we were going to win.

I generally dont comment after a loss but I think tonight has cost us our playoff place!