Cricket - 2nd test

Brilliant news to wake up to. Root and Leach chipping in with wickets. Hopefully an 80 plus lead now which we never saw achievable yesterday.
It’s been worth freezing me balls off!

Great come back this morning. Things looked in the balance yesterday, but this team finds a way. Game changed once Babar and Shakeel were out
google nest says 15 degrees in my lounge. I ain't getting out from under this duvet til its at least 18 down there. first world problems.......
Saw the score and thought to myself if England can get 200, so Pakistan need 280, then hopefully that’s enough.

Then I thought, the way England score that could be not long after tea today. On day 2 of a Test match!

Astounding how they have changed the mindset of Test cricket.
Not sure we have to go crazy. The pitch is already wearing. Duckett has got the balance right. Be positive without taking wild risks.

Slogging away could let Pakistan back in. Albeit, 200+ would still be a tall order.

With 10 sessions left we have loads of time to win this. We’ve done all the hard work. The longer we bat, the easier taking 10 wickets will be in the 4th innings.