Covid test available in days


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Read you’ll be able to order them on Amazon. They say you can’t catch Coronavirus in quick succession. I wonder what the time frame is?

I was out in Japan for 8 weeks for the rugby World Cup and had the most horrendous cough which began a a couple of days before heading home. A lad we were with came from a Basketball tournament in Wuhan. Can’t help but think I’ve had it and am I in the window to catch it again.


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Really hope this happens but I cant see it.
Interesting that - just read something suggesting current testing of NHS workers is way behind that promised last week

I really hope we are not back to using the tactics of the last election - x new hospitals, y new nurses etc


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15 days ago it was to be "ramped up" to 10000 s day, then last Wednesday in PMQ it was to be "ramped up" further to 25000 tests a day. We've averaged 5000 per day since the first announcement. Do not trust the words "ramped up" as they appear to mean something else to government ministers.
In France we were promised masks will be in the Pharmacies for everyone tomorrow - this was a week ago. Still a shortage of masks for front-line doctors, nurses etc and none for the public. People are making their own. 20 deaths in one EPAD (care home) as there are no masks for the carers, so in some the whole staff have decided to sleep in the homes and not go home until this is over in an attempt to stop external infection. That's sacrifice as most have families. Take everything politicians say with a huge pinch of salt, especially in a crisis.
Chris Whitty the chief medical officer, explained all this today, and in summary, they only want to use tried and tested systems that are very reliable and that because of the pandemic, there is a bottleneck of orders around the world for the best testing kits. He’s hopeful that the kits will be arriving soon, and added that they’ll be used on NHS Staff first.


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Germany has 400000 reliable test kits. We have increased from 5000 to 6400 (today) when numbers were going to be ramped up to 10000 15 days ago and 25000 8 days ago.

The message on ventilators is even worse. We have 12000 apparently but we really only have 8000 and need 25-30000 within 2 to 3 weeks. We opted out of the EU procurement system when given the opportunity.

What a nightmare of an interview by Nadim Zahawi on Newsnight with his "ramping up" nonsense. Don't believe anything these incompetent charlatans are saying.
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Cracking result.
Key workers get first dibs with the goal being 100000 per day. Brilliant
Not sure how I feel about that - I will find out if I’ve had it or got it which is fine. if I haven’t I guess I’ll have to keep testing

Anyway - progress to be applauded
Be surprised if there is enough to do doctors and nurses like that never mind key workers. My girlfriend is working directly with CV Positive patients in teesside and hasn't been offered a test yet & is working with masks with stickers over the 2016 expiry date. No chance that food retail workers, utilities etc will be getting these any time soon for one offs let alone regular testing, they would need millions upon millions to keep that testing cycle going