Covid-19 - My Experiences to date (As a confirmed positive)

As asked yesterday on here, I am more than willing to shed my experience on the virus.
I work in Egypt so the medical care I have received will probably differ to uk control. I also don’t believe my level of illness is anywhere near as bad as others will suffer. No ventilator was required (touch wood).

so, on the 8th March I developed a tickly cough which I got checked out at the onsite medical centre the following morning as per company procedure. I was given the all clear, no temperature or other signs.

A week later I had lost my appetite, was on site working when the fever hit me. My temperature was touching 40C, my energy levels plummeted, I was sweating profusely, I went straight to the medical centre on site again. The gave me 500mg parecetemols and plenty of water and left me in a room with the air con on low to cool me down.

The on site doctor got me booked in for tests and a ct scan of my chest. My cough had gotten worse and was loud and struggling.

I was taken to the first Egyptian hospital of my experience put on drips to bring temperature down, bloods taken etc and then had ct scan of my chest.

after a few hours I was then taken to the ‘fever hospital’. Now this is being used as a holding centre until you were swabbed and tested positive. The CT Scans showed small lung damage, which there were worries that it could turn into pneumonia. The room was disgusting and it seemed like an awful place to be fighting any sort of respiratory issue as there was mould on the walls and the room was freezing cold.
I was swabbed that night.
The following night 2 people in full chemical suits came into the room and took me and put me in the back of an ambulance to my 3rd hospital (Which is much nicer).

I have literally spent everyday in bed since monday trying to get my chest stronger.

So, the virus itself........
The fever was brutal and it was like a flicked switch. It just dropped me. I was fine a couple of hours earlier.
The cough, mine developed into a bad chesty painful cough that hurt my lungs everytime. My chest will be sore for a while no doubt.
My lungs, well the scan showed the shadows but not like what you may have seen on the internet. Probably 90-95% ok. I’ll see how they repair. I may have to get checked out once the initial panic is over and the strain on the NHS reduces.

Im laid here now, thousands of miles from home, bored, anxiously awaiting some good news on my swab tests.

I would say if you know anyone not being socially responsible you need to tell them. I’ve gotten off lightly. Look at Spain and Italy, thats where the UK will go.
if anyone has any questions feel free to ask....


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that loss of appetite is a good indicator.

pleased you've pulled through matey. (y)

could you give us an indication of your age bracket and if your a smoker ?


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Thanks so much for your first-hand account Jonny. My best wishes for a full recovery.
This goes to show that even someone who is otherwise fit and healthy has a risk of potential lung damage from this virus. None of us are immune to it or to the possible long term implications of infection.


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Thanks for sharing bud. Hopefully you make a full mend! Can’t imagine what it’s like, especially given you are a miles away.

Any indication when you’ll be discharged?
Thanks for sharing your experience Jonny RDP, hope you fully recover and quickly, then get back home.

I'm just monitoring a "tickly cough" I have had for several days, no other major symptoms yet.
I was convinced I had it. I had all the symptoms and was in bed for days this last week, although I had no cough. However, I guess it must be flu, because it seems more likely at this stage living in Redcar.