Corona Virus Life Saving Breathing Techniques

Read the comments below the link; there is clarification of the doctor's recommendations, plus links to other helpful breathing techniques. I've just been trying a few of them - I'm a mild asthma/copd sufferer and I found them very effective.
I was intrigued by his 'don't sleep on your back' advice. It would explain a lot of my symptoms. I'm about to google 'how to sleep on your front'!


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Some extra:

However, Laura Breach, a spokeswoman for the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care (ACPRC), says while the exercises should be harmless for healthy individuals, she would not advise them, adding that they could make symptoms worse in someone suffering breathlessness. Although Munshi’s video was well-intentioned, the ACPRC says the techniques are not correct (it is preparing its own video). If you did try the exercise, you only need to take three or four breaths so as not to hyperventilate and become dizzy, and if you have coronavirus symptoms, there is no need to make yourself cough as part of the exercise. “We would always encourage nose-breathing rather than mouth-breathing, because your nose is really important in humidifying the air that you breathe in and catching any particles in the air,” says Breach.
There is no evidence these exercises will help healthy people prepare for the illness, she says. “There are patients with longer-term respiratory conditions and we do teach them techniques to give them a better starting point. If it’s something you should be doing then your healthcare professional will have already advised that.” Instead, the ACPRC says: “Propping yourself up with pillows, or leaning forward onto the back of a chair” can be beneficial to breathlessness.
Wingfield also questions whether the exercises can aid recovery from coronavirus – “it’s a slightly evidence-free zone” – and says if you are having trouble breathing, you should seek medical help rather than simply try to follow breathing exercises at home. “But they can keep your lungs moving, and some people might find these exercises meditative and stress-relieving,” says Wingfield. Ghafur agrees: “None of this is evidence-based.”


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Not exactly on topic but my daughter's been seconded to work with coronavirus patients and the hospital sent her this video for background info. Spoiler...think about those security trays at airports