Common Sense COVID Appeal


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Middlesbrough Council press release calling for common sense over bank holiday weekend.

People across Middlesbrough are being urged to act responsibly and think of others ahead of the bank holiday weekend. Middlesbrough Council is reminding residents to follow social distancing rules to keep everyone in the town safe from Covid-19.
As of Thursday, Middlesbrough's rate of cumulative cases per 100,000 population was the fourth highest among local authority areas in England.
Concerns over gatherings of multiple people from different households have led to a renewed warning of the threat from the coronavirus.
Mark Adams, South Tees Joint Director of Public Health, said: "Unfortunately there were reports from all around the country over the VE Day weekend of people not social distancing. Any repeat this weekend will be extremely dangerous at a critical time for the town.
"The rate of infection is not slowing as quickly in Middlesbrough as in other areas of the country and we need everyone to play their part as we look to beat the virus together.
"By washing your hands regularly, staying and home as much as possible and keeping your distance when you leave the house you can help everyone in Middlesbrough.
"You're not only protecting yourself, but helping your neighbours, family and everyone working so hard in the fight against Covid-19. What you do has an effect on everyone."

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