Josh in his short cameo before the injury in January had reporters raving about him, I don't know whats changed exactly since then but it's dropped off a cliff, goals wise. Looking at the career stats of Archer and Coburn, it's clear that Archer was given more experience at a younger age by being loaned out ,Josh is further behind on that development and is also still nearly a year younger than Archer, he is on a steep learning curve at this moment. Yeah Archer is wiping the floor stats wise post January with Josh's but we don't know the real potential of Josh, he could be has said not up to Archer's standard, I don't know I feel there is a lot more to come with him, that's my hope anyway.
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Archer has been fundamental to our success since he arrived and is ideally suited to Carricks way of playing,he has been a superb loan signing one of if not the best (Gaston possibly)we have ever had.
Finish off the season and play offs in style please Cameron