Clapping the NHS staff

this is about those working through, if it’s every night it will grow, very touching and good for community spirit
Done it here every night since the lockdown started 11 days ago - everyone comes out, claps for 30s, has a little chat to the neighbours on the terraces either side, and waving to others across the street. Sounds really corny I know, but it's great. When you're locked up all day it's actually a bit of light relief


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Not just for health service staff where I am. It is happening to say thanks to everyone supporting us. Playing a specific song and clapping.

We are a spread out town so no focal area. I am playing the song very loudly on my terrace every night.



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If you look at the B&Q thread you will see I bought a new Sonos Move speaker recntly. Part of the reason for buying it was to play the support music louder on our terrace every night.