Christmas Thread

Boro in Devon

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Just wanted to wish anyone who is alone or struggling this year, a Happy Christmas.

You are not alone as you have a big happy family of Boro fans with you.
I am used to having christmas on my own, as my children visit their mother and then come to me on another day. My own family have passed away.
There are some things that I use to cope which may be helpful.
I enjoy a lie in bed, no point in getting up too early.
Do something positive for yourself, go for a walk or exercise.
You can still enjoy the day on your own, cook yourself a nice meal.
Look for the positives, no inlaws and no arguments.
Watch a nice film or ring up family and friends.

If anyone needs any extra support, Roofie posted in another thread some support numbers.
I will check back on here regularly to see if anyone needs any help.
If others want to post any encouragement, kind words or jokes, it may help us.