Christmas Help or support

Boro in Devon

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Following on from todays announcement. Instead of wallowing in my own self pity, I thought I would try to think of something positive.
I believe that it will be hard for people who will be on their own this Christmas, either as a poster on here or a family member of friend of a poster.
Is there something that we can do as a group to try to help people who find themselves in this situation.
We may be able to extend a support group to see them. Find a way to check in either by a telephone call or zoom. Meet up for a walk in the outside, or just checking in on here.
I admit that I live to far away to meet up in Middlesbrough, but if there is anyone close to me in Devon.
If anyone feels that they may benefit then please leave a message.


Great idea. I am happy to help/partake (although I am one of the lucky ones and won't be alone). Perhaps a WhatsApp group where we can post throughout the day? Silly jokes, comments about what's on telly, 5-0 Rotherham score predictions 😜 etc


I'm definitely interested in this. Currently stuck in China, which I'm absolutely fine with. Just desperately want to see my wife and two girls!