Christian Horner under investigation

Reading between the lines, RBR have tried to keep this in house. The Parent Company, Red Bull, have got wind of it and ordered an investigation.
Horner's given them everything .... All that joy can bring, That he swears (he'll give you everything)

And all that he wants from you, Is a promise Red Bull will be there....Say they will be there.
makes me wonder if all that noise about Toto and Susie Wolff last year was a deliberate smokescreen by a certain team to deflect attention from what was going on in their own back garden?
Not going away is it

The independent investigation into team boss Christian Horner appears to be one of major proportions.

The female employee who came forward in December 2023 at the billion-dollar group's headquarters in Austria accuses Horner of sexually transgressive behaviour.

The employee handed over text messages, which would show this, to the external lawyer investigating the Horner case. The Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf obtained these messages.

From the text messages between Red Bull's female employee and Horner, viewed by De Telegraaf, It emerges that Horner sent sexually oriented messages to the employee regularly and over a considerable period of time.

It is also clear that Horner did everything he could to keep the matter under wraps. In the weekend before the first publication in De Telegraaf - after he was confronted with the investigation into cross-border behaviour on February 2nd and asked for a response - his lawyers sent a letter to the lawyer assisting the female employee within 24 hours.

In it, the Horner camp offered a settlement for a whopping £650,000, which is just over €760,000.

The allegations regarding Horner's sexually transgressive behaviour are now also known to several, other key players in the Formula 1 world.