Regarding the match on Saturday, I think it says a lot about us and the way we played that Keinan Davis was subbed at half time. He was great for Forest last season and we never gave him a kick.
Watford boss Slaven Bilic told BBC Three Counties Radio:

"Basic things. I'm not talking about finishing, or crossing or decision-making in the final third, things you should normally be talking about.

"I'm talking about passing the ball to your player and not making those kinds of mistakes, and if you do that and slip so many times as we did, especially in the first half, and then on top of that you concede the first goal like that, there is no point talking about systems.

"There were too many errors. Every time we passed the ball well we were pinning them back but if you give the ball away so many times you have no chance whatsoever.

"The first goal came from our corner or free-kick, we were trying to clear the ball and the reaction of our player on the halfway line… kick the ball out of the game when you know you are the last man. It's hard to explain and is nothing to do with quality, to make that kind of decision is unacceptable.

On Araujo debut: "It was hard for him to come on when we were losing 2-0 but you could see after a couple of minutes the situations he likes, and how he knows how to get there with timing, movement and quality, and he is going to be a big benefit for us.

"It was planned that he and (Keinan) Davis would play 45 minutes each as Keinan is coming back from injury."