Choose your biscuit


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In the absence of the true biscuit king, the mighty chocolate digestive, it would have to be

(I) the humble bourbon


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Where's the Rich Tea?

One biscuit to last the rest of your life? That's not many crumbs a day.


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I'd go with D,Fruit Shortcake I believe.
Google is again my friend and you are of course correct. I’d still go for D.

However this whole thread is an outrage and should be pulled, with such limited range of mainstream middle class biscuits. There’s a complete lack of minority biscuits such as Cornish fairings and I note with interest that all apart from the bourbon are very light coloured. The fact that ginger nuts are deliberately excluded says it all.

And as for anything that vaguely resembles a chocolate finger, well don’t get me started 😉