Charlie boy feeling the pinch

Exactly what they did to those of us living near Sandringham about 5 years ago, so effectively his mother started it all.
It used to be free to park there, now we have to pay for anything over 20 minutes.
Which is a shame as its lovely for walking around.
How much extra revenue is that likely to generate in reality anyway? Surely a drop in the ocean compared to their vast wealth.

Just comes across as tight and petty. Surely not worth the ill will and bad publicity (particularly doing it during a cost of living crises).

Thick and out of touch. Why anyone would want to act as if they're our betters and something to be admired is utterly baffling.
When Windsor Castle was on fire in the 90's the queen asked the government to pay for the damage as she had no building insurance. We then found out that the castle belonged to the tax payer. How convenient was that. It was this incident that turned me against the royals as on the same day the house of a widow living in Norton burnt down leaving her homeless. She too had no insurance but didn't get any help from the taxpayer.
Had respect for his mam. I have none for him.
You see how he treats his staff snarling and spitting at them.
And what he did to his first wife was disgusting.
I'd be surprised if the monarchy would survive a free vote on the subject.
Would never happen though.