Championship Saturday

To be honest Leicester have great stats but all from 3 chances. The goal,the rebound that led to the goal and the penalty. Other than that they have been a bit meh!
WBA should have had this in the bag, but their finishing has been very poor, snatched at chances & hit Choudhury on the line twice..
2-0....nightmare for the dirties👌

Hopefully put another nail in the coffin on Monday night. It's becoming a must win for them.
Southampton putting the willies up the top 3 now. Good job for the top 3 we got that very late equaliser on Good Friday.
Yes and the following week Ipswich denied them another point with a winning goal in injury time which was another three point turn.
Scum winning 👍

Sorry I don't think they are scum. Just living near Portsmouth the lads I work with call them that lol.

That Easter weekend against Boro and Ipswich could make such difference with those late goals.