Cardiff 1 - 1 Boro Highlights


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Thanks for that, very good header by Saville

Seemed to be all Cardiff there

I did like the red shorts & socks mind 👍


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First chance I've had to see their goal again. For me, it is a clever set play by Cardiff as Saville turns to go with Moore he turns into a Cardiff player stood behind him. Not a foul for me. Question I'd like to ask would be why Saville is marking their biggest and best header of the ball? I would have been tempted to put young Wood on in the second half to give extra height in defence or simply move d*ck Steel into a back three and bring Djed on earlier. Amused read in the BBC match analysis that Cardiff's long ball game was in answer to ours? Except we don't do that, granted we don't play out from the back, but we don't bombard the area with set pieces looped towards a giant CF.

Hey ho we're all experts after the game.


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At first viewing I agreed with your assessment of the Saville incident, but when you look at it more closely their number 6 makes a definite move to block Saville off, just one small step to his left, but enough. You can also see from his body angle how he leans into him. Very subtle so not surprised the ref missed it.


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I might be missing something here because ididnt watch the game but even in the report under tbe video it states we had numerous missed chances, especially at the start of the second half and particularly by Tavanier.
We had 8 corners to their 4.
So how come in the whole clip is it we only saw their keeper once and that was when we scored?
The est was all them and that mostly long range efforts.