Caffeine hit for Cyclists and Runners


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While you bikists are on here, have any of you done the Ronde Van Calderdale?
BL I did back in 2015 - The RVC was one of the toughest rides Ive done. comparatively short but the cobbles make it very tough. Had three punctures which didn't help. Mate of mine was going to do it this April and I think its been rearranged for September


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I don't ride any more but I'm a big cycling fan (had a near death experience with a car and a bus in my early 20s). I usually go out to watch/photograph the Ronde. Many of the climbs are also big draws for the fell running community. A 17 year old fell runner I coach has the record for Trooper (running). Interestingly, about the same time as the fastest cyclists, barring one outlier from Sheffield who holds the cycling KOM there. Connor Swift did a training ride around many of Yorkshires top cobbled climbs on the 17th of June. Worth a look if you follow him.
Congrats on your attempt anyway Zoophonic. Connor Swift said Trooper Lane was the hardest.
If any of the FMTTM cycling club are doing the RVC, give me a shout.


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Superb, I bet you're a tiny bit excited ... I know I would be:D

Cat 3 climbs are usually comfortable, unless its fullgas then of course nothing is comfortable.:devilish:
Yeah it’s ok. I remember being roadside when Sagan was racing up it - at the front with two others towards the end of the stage.
Unbelievable Jeff