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Fair enough, mind would anyone pay anything like £20-25m for him once newcastle have either been relegated or stayed up. He signed a new deal in Nov until 2023 so for them its probably a good way to switch someone they spent money on and decent wages who will have little to no resale value, into an investment towards a player for the future so can see the logic either way even if they do go down.
I agree they have sold Wood for an inflated value at the right time. He’s not been on form this season so getting £25m now is an achievement. And they would have lost him in March anyway as he goes to Qatar for the Oceana WC qualifying tournament


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The worrying thing about Burnley is that even if they do come down they now have a nice chunk of financial resource.
They have one of the lowest wage bills in the PL and their 'agricultural' style is pretty effective.
Yet another well resourced PL club could be dropping into the championship.
Unless of course they suddenly lose their minds and spend heavily on a clutch of absolute donkeys on relegation;)
Unfortunately any team coming down will have a wedge of cash. If we don't go up, from a footballing point of view my head says Norwich, Burnley, Watford are the best option. But my heart says Newcastle, Leeds, Burnley would be the funniest.