Bristol sold out?

The could have put another block on sale from about 1 ish today but they either didn't realise or they couldn't be bothered.
Since early yesterday they have sold about 60, constantly knocking off about 20-40 a day since Monday.
Went last year and it's a long round trip for a day but Ashton Gate is brilliant. Dozens of food and beer trucks together around the perimeter of the stadium and a good friendly atmosphere.
One of my least favourite away days for a number of reasons.
But I'm probably bitter because I can't make it due to work.
I find the stadium is not too well positioned - for train travellers its a bit far from a station, considering its in a major city, street parking is now very difficult, bedminster is quite a deprived area of Bristol, although parts are gentrifying. The area was famous for its tobacco factories. The stadium is quite well hidden as its built in a little valley and tightly helmed in by housing and other buildings. I prefer the Riverside site as its easy to walk round the outside the stadium and there are vistas and a feeling of space. Some the roads are dangerous for pedestrains around Ashton Gate. The locals I find are a mixed bunch, but I have noticed a lot more families there in recent years. In the 1980s there was some scuffles with Boro fans same as at Ayresome Park games.
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When I had to go early to Ashton to get a replacement ticket for my forgotten one I was sent from the ticket office to one of the modern bars to look for the ticket manager. The new bars they have built into where the concourses used to be in the new stands, were a bit wow, they were massive , incredible area they given to it, with really long bars and luxuriously decked out, it beats standing in queue in a concrete chamber like most other grounds have.
MFC saying last few tickets left, which I would think will be available to buy on Monday and Tuesday morning. I don't think we quite sold out last season, could be similar Boro crowd down there this season. 2,200 would be an excellent following for a very long trip for most Boro fans.
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One of the smaller outside blocks is now available for fans to purchase from N41. The Block is around 260 tickets and 15 tickets have gone/become unavailable this morning, so 245 tickets left. This should satisfy the rest of the Boro's support, taking us between 2,000 and 2,250.

Bristol City used to be around 1,000 Boro fans for league games, because its such a long trip and not easy for accessibility - we did sell out for two fa cup games under Southgate and for league game under Karanka, when the current away stand was shared with B/C fans. Maybe 1,600ish Boro fans at that league game.
This will be my third recent trip. It’s a great day out to be fair even though the ground is miles from station. Loads of good places to eat & drink
Bristol is an interesting and different city. Prefer it to Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield etc
Extra block nearly sold out now. So perhaps that extra outstanding block might be held for on the day sales? We almost sold all the on the day tickets for Coventry so would be worth Bristol's doing it for the extra revenue you would think.
I believe the other end block has not been released yet - my guess there is another 250ish tickets there. MFC need to release this if N41 is almost sold out.
If no on the day sales they need to put all possible tickets on sale now. Tomorrow will be the last day and we've shifted over 200 today.