Brighton v Liverpool itv now

Started off really open - I hope Liverpool get beat and win nothing all season. I would be happy to see them not qualify for Europe.
He may not think so. He and his family will be secure on wages he has been paid. Signed a contract up until 2025 so Brighton must rate him.
And what did you do grandad for a living? I sat on a bench getting splinters.

I am sure he could have played every week and still created a decent lifestyle for his family.
He could be playing regular for a lot less wage…

im guessing this is a good compromise for him and he will go into coaching at the end of his career..
Is the difference between a decent lifestyle and securing your family for a generation or so.

I have no issue with his choice at all.
I have no issue with it, it is just not the choice I would have made. Every team needs a reserve keeper(s) but who really remembers them. It always makes me smile when you see a team win a major trophy and the reserve keeper walks about with his shirt back to front (Brad Jones springs to mind) so people know who he is.

Edit: I've just looked at his stats and he's played 310 games in a 16 year career. 142 for Boro, 120 for Blackburn and the rest spread about Northampton 13, Sunderland 18 & Brighton 14.
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