Brewdog special edition beer - Barnard Castle Eye Test


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Went to a beer tasting some years ago run by them at an off-licence in St Andrews (got an invite on the grounds that Gnomeson No 1 was a good customer :)). They had some of their loony juice ales for tasting. Bought 6 bottles of various beers and it set me back enough for a Michelin star dinner. We drank them on the train home. Sink the Bismarck and Tactical Nuclear Penguin weren't among the ones I bought. They don't brew those any more, they said it was getting stupid.

Sink the Bismarck

Tactical Nuclear Penguin

Artie Fufkin

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Sink the Bismarck is rank. Tried it in the brewdog in Newcastle, they only sold it by the shot glass, although someone in at the time was demanding a pint, which frankly he'd had enough of already