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Surely cant recover and stay up considering how bad their form is.

Confidence completely shot, getting beaten 4-0 at home by Newcastle not a great sign.

West Ham hopefully go down with them.
We had our stint, Fulham and Charlton had their time, now is the end of Bournemouth's.

Like Stoke, I can see them finding it tough next year, having to switch from a mindset of trying not to lose to relentlessly needing wins if they want to seriously challenge.


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I can't see Bournemouth recovering quickly either. Their players don't look interested, the better ones will be cherry picked and it's likely to be the typical huge wage bill left behind scenario.


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Even though I rate Eddie Howe highly I think he's been there too long. They need a few face in there. I always remember Big Jack saying that after three or four years, the players stop listening to you. Maybe this has happened there.


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I think it's good teams the size of Bournemouth, Burnley, Brighton can compete in the PL
I would agree. But what have Bournemouth actually tried to achieve whilst up there? Stadium is still tiny, players they've bought have most of the time ended up average.
With the money they have amassed over the years they should have built a new stadium. That in itself means more bodies through the gate and more attractive to sign players up. Where has all the money gone?


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I'm hoping Nigel Pearson can keep Watford up.
If Warnock doesn't stay I'd like him here and I don't think people would accept it on the back of relegation, even though Watford looked dead and buried when he took over.