Boro Women

Great news that it’s coming under the main umbrella. No lads, it doesn’t mean the “standard” is supposed to be close to the men. (This is not aimed at any posters in particular).
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I only found out pretty recently that the women's team wasn't part of the club, I assumed it was ran in a similar way to the youth teams.
It is a good move all round to bring into MFC family as I think Women's football has a big future(it seems to be getting more and more media attention and publicity). Hopefully this means that the women's team can have access to the training facilities, sports science and physio departments which would most likely improve the team now, give the team more pulling power in attracting good young players and put the club in a position to be a major player in women's football within the next decade.
From the club's point of view if it works out then it could potentially be good from a commercial point of view getting more young girls into football with the same dreams and ambitions that young lads have had for generations with idols they can relate to, even more so if they women's team can use the same kit as the men's(or at least the same badge) it might mean more sales in the club's shop.
Sorry for the long post I just think it is such a win win situation especially if it is done right.
Welcome news and not before time.
Now all I’m waiting for is the naughty stories leaking out about shenanigans between the men’s players and the ladies!
😂 oops not sure where that came from…