Boro players Social Media Blackout


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Why has no players taken to social media yet to thank us all for our tremendous support this season?

Have a day off mate - they're human beings in the few days following a massive slog of a season.

I'd like to think they're laid on a sun lounger with a frosty lager enjoying time with their families. They don't have to pour a load of we go again blurb on social media to satisfy the thirsty supporters baying for acknowledgement.

If they do, I imagine it will be within due time and with purpose.


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Why didn't I get a personal message like this one!!!

I'm not on twitter like, but I'm sure he could have got my home address if he really wanted it.
Think you've hit the nail on the head and that's why they have no time to be on social media mate.

Each of them to a man is currently sat in a home office, handwriting about 50,000 letters one after the other. With their partners asking them if they're coming to bed at 2am only to be told "I can't sorry love, if I'm lucky I'll get this lot done and posted before pre-season. The fans deserve it for turning up to watch the most exciting season in years." 👍