Boro Confirm Job Losses....


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Recruitment department? Stealing a living. We have a few players who are on stunning wages compered to returns.

Jokes aside it's awful news but I'm hardly suprised. No games at the Riverside means less need for staff. I guess they have done well to go this long.

They did state many are voluntary redundancies. Hopefully a decent package👍


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It was bound to happen, many clubs are following the same path.

It's a huge shame.

I expect the redundancies involve positions where they're currently not actually working anyway because of restrictions.

Expat Smoggie

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Happening all over the world — doesn’t matter if you’re living in a commie or not so commie country everyone has been affected by the current situation


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Fact of life, its the beginning of huge down turn in all industries in all countries.

It might be happening everywhere or be about to happen everywhere but if we can’t at least express our sympathy with the people affected and simply fall back to indifference then that’s incredible sad.