bookies odds


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to be champions 16/1
top 2 - 8/1
top 6 - 2/1

Christ they are not giving much away this season - do they know something we don't??


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I agree 2/1 to be top 6 is not value- if every team was equal we would have 25% chance - say 3/1 less bookies margin about 13/5.
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I have a feeling with so many players looking for contracts all teams are going to be much of muchness.

Salary rates must have collapsed outside the premier League.


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Woodall - I would want around 13/5 for a top 6 finish - we never really looked top 6 last season, always on the edge. Squad was too small and a bit unbalanced for me.

The three regulated clubs should finish top 6 which only leaves 3 spaces for 21 clubs

Bournemouth still have a lot of parachute money.

Swansea may fail to get top 6 as they have lost a key manager.

Barnsley did make the play offs, get they do again, it will be a big ask as their budget in not big.

Forest and Cardiff will be pushing hard.

Stoke also serious contender for top 6 spot.

5/2 is around with a couple of bookies, getting close to 13/5.

We need to able to hold on to key players like Fry - It would not surprise me if some £12m plus bids come in from Premier League clubs. I hope we have learnt our lessons with Bamford not to sell cheap.
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