Bolasie- doubts remain about him signing


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I was in the we don't need him as he will be more trouble than he's worth camp.
I was still smarting a bit over Rudy and thought he was the same
For no good reason really.
How wrong I was
Pleased to say I changed my mind completely
Personally I have no issue with him wanting to get the best deal he can from any club that is willing to pay him.
He owes us nothing and we owe him nothing.
If he's ours next season brilliant.
If not then I wish him well.
Just not against us.


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I wasn't particularly wanting him here, but was pleasantly surprised by his performances and attitude
That's not to say he was so good that we can't do without him
If he wants to sign a sensible deal for us on July 1st (we could let him train here until then) great.If not move on


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I hope he signs, but he will be happy on more money than we can afford even if he is sat on a bench, like many players are at the end of their career, personally, i would not blame him. I could see Palace doing just that


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I would like him too, but if any lessons have been learnt don't chase his price up and end up having to pay him and his agent say £30k/week for 2 years. For that I would rather have say 3 promising players from Division 1.

Jonny Ingbar

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Its like all signings I suppose, the success of each one is always relative to the alternative i.e. if he didn't sign, who would come in instead. This even more true at our level, where the pool of players is bigger than those the very top clubs are competing for.


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Some Championship and Football League clubs must be really shipping water financially and I don't think in countries like Belgium, Clubs will be splashing wages and agent fees like they used to. There is always Turkey, but its a very tough environment to play in. I don't think EPL clubs will be in for Yannick at 32 years of age.


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It’s annoying if we don’t sign him, as he can clearly do the job we need him to. If we don’t sign him, we need to then look at options and take a gamble on whether they will click. And doing by that takes resource away from looking for players to fill the other gaps.


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Everything is a gamble we could sign him and he becomes injured for 6 months, costing us, say £30k/week.

To me you have to keep the pressure on and play the game the agents play, but in reverse.

"Boro looking to sign new Nigerian wonder winger"

"Boro in talks with McCready"

Don't let a player and his agent, corner you.

It is hard work and its not easy to plan with so much up in the air, but we can't throw daft money about.