Birmingham much better Away form than Home


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Birmingham H: P12 8pts A: P11 15pts

Hopefully not a banana skin.
I remember when Karanka's Forest came to the Riverside and played some beautiful stuff.
We lost 2-1 (I think) and a regimented Pulis Boro looked particularly awful.
This was a kick in the nuts considering Karanka's Boro rarely looked as fluid as Forest did that day.

Really hope we win this one!
We can't underestimate this one otherwise it will be bad news.
Focus on the game, we are a better team,
Cmon Boro
Can't see it. Fancy us to steamroller them tomorrow; Warnock isn't happy with the starts we've made recently and can see them flying out the traps. 3-0 Boro Watmore, Tav and Saville.