Birmingham City to be bought by.......


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Lawrence Bassini. and after listening to his interview on Talksport I will start praying for them now. The guy is mental, deluded and unstable. "i'm going to win the league".
Heard that interview. Simon Jordan absolutely destroyed everything he said, worrying for Brum.

Edit: I was referring to the one a few weeks ago - not heard todays.
"Barge - pole" and "wouldnt touch"

Feel for Blues fans......

This is his history:


Bassini was declared bankrupt in 2007 following the failure of his business The Fox at Ibstone near High Wycombe, which he blamed on his father. During this bankruptcy he changed his name to Bassini to have a “fresh start”.

..................Bassini’s time at Watford was marked by allegations of financial impropriety, culminating in the ‘Safegate’ scandal when just prior to the sale of the club in June 2012 Bassini called the police after an employee refused to hand him the keys to the club safe.

On 29 June 2012, Bassini sold Watford Football Club to Gino Pozzo, son of Giampaolo Pozzo and owner of Udinese and Granada, and in November 2012 it was announced the£1.5 million Bassini owed to Watford Football Club for ‘cash advances’ was unlikely to be repaid. In March 2013 an independent disciplinary commission found Bassini guilty of misconduct and dishonesty over financial dealings on behalf of Watford and banned him from being involved in a position of authority with any Football League club for three years. The commission found he had been “dishonest in his dealings with the league and with his fellow directors” and “practised secrecy and deception” ...........

................ former Watford F.C. directors claimed that they were owed more than £3.5 million by Bassini. He was ordered to pay the sums of £3.5 million and £135,000 (plus an additional £568,000 in interest and £150k in costs); a total of £4,353,000. He was told that he could not appeal. During the trial, in which he was described as ‘evasive’ and a maker of ’empty threats’, the court heard Bassini had made numerous accusations of conspiracies against him without providing any evidence.

In June 2014 Bassini was made bankrupt for the second time
. The bankruptcy order was made after Bassini failed to pay the sum of £37,500. During the hearing Bassini claimed not to own any property despite receiving over £1.5 million in cash advances from Watford FC during his tenure.........
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i had read somewhere that he has bought brum as a placeholder for sullivan and gold at west ham.

they are looking to offload the club before the next maintenance lease is due on the london stadium and they will then "acquire" brum.
I like Birmingham, it's a proper, honest club, catastrophicly let down by appalling ownership, which will seemingly now only get worse.

How can the football league sign this off? Staggering.

Not sure even the EFL are that daft, the guy's obviously a fantasist and will never get anywhere near owning BCFC. He's a failed pub landlord for gods sake.

If miraculously he does take the reins then it's as a result of acting as a front man for someone who can't take ownership of the club, say they own another club....
Watford, Bolton, Charlton.. and now Birmingham

jeez! he's only missing Sunderland and Derby and he'll have the full set!
This interview and subsequent text message to SJ should be used as part of the 'fit and proper' test.

You'd be really worried listing to this if this guy was buying your club. He's crackers.

Once again.... Thank god for Steve Gibson when you look at some of these owners.