Bill Gates now the top private farmland owner in the US

Jeff Bezos spent summers on his grandparents’ ranch in Texas as a kid, learning how to, among other things, castrate cattle.

Today he has his own spread in the Lone Star State, where his company Blue Origin tests its reusable New Shepard rocket. The world’s wealthiest person amassed the 420,000 acres over two decades to become the 26th-largest private landholder in the U.S.

I suppose the difference in 'land' and 'farmland' is significant as most of these dwarf the Gates one?
Can anyone explain why Gates gets such a bad press ( other than jealousy ) he and his wife seem pretty decent people, Elon Musk on the other hand.....

What an idiotic post.

He's obviously trying to wipe malaria to control peoples minds because he's pure evil, like that big ball thing on the Fifth Element.

This is the extent of my real estate:
real estate.jpeg
but most of us must own a fair slice of the Riverside turf by now?