Big Game For Derby Tonight

I know its early doors still but five losses already and an away match against their arch rivals who may have 'the new manager bounce'. Cocu appears to be taking them backwards at an alarming rate of knots. I'm surprised they haven't made more of the Lampard / Chelsea connection with loans.


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Losing at home, just outside the bottom 3 they're not faring well at all, players taking their time gelling, the championship is a hard league
Goodness me Cyrus Christie having an awful game
God, how poor do Forest look?!

I am just glad Derby’s woeful start has kept that weird fake Derby fan off this board. Strange bloke
I offered you few times to go on Zoom so I can proof that I am Derby fan and you declined means you won't like to be prove wrong anyway. Weird post. Weird bloke.

Sweet strike
Brilliant free kick. Possibly goal of the month.