Best away crowd in the championship over the weekend 🤔

UTB 1953

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You are confusing our BRILLIANT support with the lack of effort on the pitch. 10000 away fans cannot win the games. It's about our players on the pitch and the set up by NW and his team. Away fans do not get you promoted.

Abel Tasman

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We have always had a good away support given the amount of travelling that has to be done. In fact I cant recall a time when we didnt. Even in the depths of our low times in the early 80s we always had an excellent away following.


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In the mid 80s it was poor, particularly in the midlands and the south.

In recent times under Strachan it dropped to 800 for some saturday games and the same under Woody - these were low points.

Blackburn brought 800 for Saturday game for a 210? mile round trip in August to the Riverside.