Before the Eu....

As a child packing all your spending money (usually garnered from grandparents) into one of those plastic capsules you wore round your neck attached to a string. We called them "tam tam's" although to this day I have no idea why.

😂 Yes, remember those. A perfect "look I've got cash on me" call sign. Ideal for attracting the local tea leaf to just yank it off your neck, nearly choking you in the process!
Not really sure what the EU has to do with that? Just general globalisation but you're 100% correct
Blue nun anyone?
It is all about borders being open and trying new food.

I always remember my mum asking what meals I'd had in Spain. When I told her I'd had a Chinese one night she went into one saying 'you had a mucky barsteward meal of them dirty gits in a dirty country like Spain.'

My mum never really travelled much. 😁 😁 😁
I remember having one of the old paper 2 year passports and not being allowed in to Czechoslovakia as it was then called