BBC talking well of Rockliffe Hall


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Tunnocks snowballs have been discreetly spread around the Hotel and Iron Bru is on tap this week.


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We know the benefits of living in the NE & esp the quality Rockliffe has to offer...

If there are some who need to make cheap jibes for self esteem.. well a sad reflection on them..

Scotland obviously know a good thing when they see it..


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Easily one of the best training facilities int he country. No surprises about the positive comments.

Wonder how we are fitting in their training as well as ours
England have moved on to St. George's Park now. Rockcliffe was just used pre-Euros for the warm-up games.


I did mean the Boro
One of the great things is the expanse of facilities, several pitches. Indoor wall to wall astroturf. Golf course. Cricket pitch. All in private grounds but a stones through from East Coast Main Line and airport for charters.