Ayala to Nantwich


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I imagine he needs to massively lower his wage demands. I guess as a free you can ask for more as no transfer fee involved.

Still plenty of what you would call 'decent' players knocking around without clubs. I imagine is a completely different landscape post covid. These players will have to settle for lower wages than they expected.

Many also want a sizeable signing on fee. I read Danny Welbeck wanted 5mil when he was available on a 'free' last summer. So a 'free' really doesn't mean free.

The likes of Clayton / Shotton and Danny will have been on a fecking fortune by champo standards. You imagine anyone paying Rudy what we've paid him for the last 4 years😕


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Apparently his physio does. Think he actually lives down near me (Hertfordshire) as his wife is from Stevenage IIRC.

Yep, from a Gazette article:-

"During the lockdown Ayala has moved south to build a new house in Hertfordshire which is against club rules that specify players must live within a specified travelling time of Rockliffe, although after being warned he moved back to Teesside."
There was an interview with him on Sky Sports yesterday but I only caught the end. He goes to Radcliffe Physiotherapy in Crewe (along with Keifer Moore, Lyle Taylor, Ben Gibson and a load of others) so I'm guessing the youth player he's training with at Nantwich will be a relation to him.


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He is obviously struggling to find a club to meet his agents demands. It must be a little dent to his ego/confidence.


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Not withstanding the fact his attitude completely stinks, I don’t think I’d want a player back who seems to play when he feels like it.

the teams towards the top of the league usually have a very settled defence - Ayala prevents that.