Ayala to Blackburn ?


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"Dropping us in the cart" is a bit trite.
The man bust a gut trying to keep us up, and the fans respected that.
Everyone respected his desire to play at the top level in order to get in Brazil's WC squad that year.
I didn't meet anyone back then who though he owed the club anything in those circumstances. Fans were sad to see him go, but no one questioned his effort or integrity, or begrudged him the move.
He didn't owe us anything -comparing Juninho to Ayala's situation is just a load of bull.

As for Ayala if it is to be Blackburn good luck to him but its clear he hasn't achieved what he ( or his agent) thought he could achieve and for that I don't feel sorry for him one bit. And if he ever wants to come back he can take a big pay cut


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Give the lad a break. He's been decent for us. Can't blame anyone for wanting the best for themselves - every player does.
I wish him well.
He's doing no more than any other ex Boro player. Even those who returned came for the cash


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Decent signing for them but is it really worth taking the risk on someone who will be missing 3 months of the season?

Saw that he turned them down earlier in the summer for a move to the middle east which never came off, surprised they went back in for him, clearly wasnt that bothered about signing

Quite funny that his "big" move has turned out to be another mid table championship team. Shame


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I was really upset with his attitude post Preston injury. I don’t blame him for trying to achieve the best salary he can, it is what all footballers seek to do in the main. I would, you all would in similar circumstances. Football fans are generally an unforgiving bunch and Ayala has burned some bridges. I am sure he will get a bigger salary than Boro maybe offered, but not by that much I would think. Taking away my rose tinted specs, I don’t wish him any bad luck, he was a good servant. I can guarantee you one thing, he will have an ankle injury on 23 January 2021 if crowds are back in stadiums.


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It is concerning when we can't offer what Blackburn can - previous seasons we had legacy wages, but there is no one now that we signed in the Premiership days and only 3 players on 2017 contracts. Do the Venky's still own them?
I would not be surprised if we offered him more in December / January than he is on now at Blackburn. But since then the market has changed. After he left we have moved on.


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Beggars can’t be choosers !.
Is he better than we have ?
Is the price we can afford ? Free
Would he need to settle in ?

I reckon if we asked him again he’d come back.

don’t forget Juninho left and came back after seemingly dropping us in the cart and nowt was said.
Juninho left everything on the field... played his guts out for ninety minutes and cried on the pitch at Leeds. Ayala couldn't lace his boots as player or a human being. Pretty staggered that you've tried to compare the two situations in all honesty.

Greatest player in our history or someone who couldn't be arsed to play come February every season and left us in the lurch when we needed him this season. Not even close to a contest.
This woman of his........he will end up strangling her when it dawns on him what she convinced him to do. I am convinced he will regret not signing the contract we offered him. If reports are to be believed, even his agent advised him to accept our offer but, instead, he dropped us like a bag of cack when we needed him most
Ayala's problem is his winter ankles... goes missing from Jan to almost April seemingly every season... can't have a liability like that in a squad unless he's play-pay deal...