Away fans pub in Boro


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Sorry if I've missed it somewhere - I have a colleague who's a Swansea fan, he's asking where him and his fam can go for a pint before the match, and I don't know anymore.

All advice gratefully received, cheers.
I tend to drink around Baker / Bedford street and The Dovecot and there’s always Away fans in those pubs.

Likewise, closer to the Train Station, The Isaac Wilson is usually fine as well.

Can’t see there being a designated away pub. Yes, it only takes one idiot but in my time of drinking before the games I’ve never seen any major issues and often have a friendly chat at the bar with away fans, as do others.

Obviously the likes of Leeds / Sunderland are different and are usually heavily policed but Swansea should be fine.

Hope they have a good day and get a poor result! 👍😁
Near the station The Zetland is good. A lot more crowded than it used to be though. Pop ups near Inn Off the Bar/The Bridge are fine if weather ok - decent pizza too if hungry.
Often see away fans having breakfast in the Isaac W. Last season when we played Southampton, there were about 20 in there, no trouble at all, just friendly natured banter.
When lots of young blokes from Villa come they usually take several coaches to Osmotherly pubs and they and then drove to the away end at the Riverside.
The Albion in South Bank welcomes away coaches and fans, got rave reviews from away fans last season for their hospitality etc...