Ashley Fletcher opens up on his Middlesbrough exit and contract talks breakdown [Gazette]


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Looks like he's the same off the pitch as he is on it - can't really make his mind up, doesn't want 'it' enough and in the end events change the situation for him anyway.

I would have liked him to stay on but he's crackers if he thinks he was worth a similar value contract.
Wait.. I thought he's signed for Watford?


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Ashley does not mention his first 2 seasons with Boro. He was a £6.5m signing and and on top Championship wages (£30k/week?) does he think he gave value?

To me he had 1 good season in 4.
The fact he cost £6.5m isn't anything to do with the player is it? The price we ended up paying West Ham surely shouldn't be a reflection on him.
I'm sure Man City fans would say the same after we had their eyes out over Alan Kernaghan :)


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He has skills but a body made of popadoms. He will have been on good wages and if applied to how many games he played we have given him premier league wages over the years.
The worst thing about it all is he actually thinks he has had a decent season.😳

what skill was this? am yet to see anything in him or from him that suggests he has the ability to be a success at championship level


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I hope he does well at Watford but will not really miss him.
He hadn't really improved over the years and when you think we paid nearly as much for him as we received for Bammers - well, you win some and you lose some.
Let down by the club..!!?? That really f*cks me off.

What about him letting down the club by failing to score in 3 of his 4 seasons?? I don’t suppose he was willing to return any of his wages for non performance?

He’ll have pocketed millions of pounds by Middlesbrough FC yet he feels let down by them? Get in the real world Ashley.


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A find it strange he's moaning about being let down after 4 pretty poor seasons. You could understand if he'd been amazing. I also imagine he's made a few quid.

The first two seasons were shocking. The only thing he did right was helping send Sunderland down😉


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He’s a 15-20 goal championship striker if he plays a full season .
Not very often you say it but he’s wasted in the premier league as he won’t score enough and won’t play enough


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The likes of him and Marvin Johnson we were scratching our heads at the time wondering why we signed either while they struggled to get any game time under monk. Just shows how far we’ve fallen that four years later we’re bemoaning the fact that neither has signed a new contract, what an absolute **** up gibbo has made (again) of our attempt to get back out of this league following relegation.


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Rubbish player. Glad he hasn't signed a new contract. Hope the club has learned now that just because you have money doesn't mean you should spunk it away on dross.