Arm band Hypocrisy


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We are "hypocrits" - hypocrites (sp).
For your education: homosexuality is a criminal offence in 33 of the 54 (British) Commonwealth Countries.
The revolution starts in your own back yard
British citizens don't get to vote for the MPs and thus laws in those commonwealth states, you can't call it hypocrisy.


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Our Monarch is nominal head of the Commonwealth - we start with our own back yard. (y)
I've called for our monarchy to be ditched, being head of state for countries with such terrible human rights records is just another reason to call for them to go. No hypocrisy the way no one on here 'voted for' our monarch, we aren't responsible for them. They are responsible for themselves. Now have a dig at the blind monarchists but a large number of us could never fall into that category.
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I’m not trolling, for the record I think it’s a terrible regime in Qatar, what I’m saying is that we’re picking and choosing this specific battle whilst ignoring loads of other human rights issues because it might actually inconvenience us. Anyone can bang on about an armband but it changes nothing when we are happy to buy their gas, fly their airlines have an office in their ‘shard’ etc.
But hey what do I know.
I'm sure the current head of FIFA will agree with you. They want everyone to shut up and ignore the issues and pretend that all is fine.

Yes, there are loads of issues in other parts of the world, many of which get little media coverage. The issues that are spotlighted at the moment are the ones in Qatar. Of course you know why that is being spotlighted at the moment at the expense of others is because the biggest sporting tournament in the world is happening there. People should not ignore the issues in Qatar just because there are other issues elsewhere. If we all just shrugged our shoulders and no one said anything whilst the world watches football in their shiny slave built stadiums, then it would be like condoning their stance.


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Those in the media maintain the positions of power for those 'greedy capitalist pigs'. Our FA aren't speaking out against FIFAs executives' corruption for fear of our snouts not being allowed at the trough.
not every reporter, and certainly not sports reporters, fall into this description. In this case your claim doesn't really fit.