Anyway - The New Fleet Foxes Album


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Is chuffin briliant

And I don’t care if I get told off by not adding this the New Music thread. :giggle:
It deserves it’s Individual thread
I remember being put off for life after seeing them at Carling Academy, Newcastle. It was when they had that 'hit'. Found their stuff very repetitive.
But during lockdown, should I be tempted?
Very good , but feel this and their previous album are more literary than musical, if that makes sense. Having said that when we saw them at Brixton Academy I thought they were sublime, possibly the best band I’ve ever seen.

Jonny Ingbar

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Its maybe a little unfair to compare to their previous, given they're all exceptional, but I've just downloaded it today and can't wait to give it a spin
Not overly impressed with 1st listen I'd have said 7/10 maybe - but as with all music I'll park and listen again - maybe whilst walking next time as some of it struck me as though it could fit with a wnder through the woods hereabouts!
Absolutely loving it so far, been on almost constant repetition since in landed. Taking their output as a whole I think there are very few contemporary artists better than them to be honest. Gutted I'll have to wait until Feb for the vinyl tho.