Anyone notice Pointless last night?


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House of Games has taken over in my affections. Richard Osman on his own with four celebs on every night for a week, battling it out to find the eventual winner. It sounds absolutely horrendous when I describe it but it's a great quiz that anyone can join in.


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Never watch before 5.40. By then most of the unfunny "interplay" between Armstrong and Osman is over.
A couple of the programs have been not repeats lately. You can tell if it's a new one if Armstrong's bald patch is a big un.


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2 lads won the "jackpot" last week and it was £625 each. They proper celebrated aswell when they won, can't have realised what was in the pot.
So if you won £625 you would just shrug your shoulders and think I've won!!

I would be buzzing to win a tenner.