Anyone know a good Indian restaurant in Newcastle ?

My brother in law was just telling me about this place on Saturday, he said it was fantastic but you have to book weeks in advance.
Last time we went was a midweek lunchtime so I'm not sure about booking, but it was slightly different from the usual and I definitely want to go again.
The only really poor Indian I every had was in Helmsley about 4 years ago ... place was deserted midweek which was a bit of a warning and the curry was tastless .... anyway back to newcastle the one near the swing bridge is A1 ..... Sachins
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Khai Khai is phenomenal. Not cheap but some of the best Indian food I've eaten. Must be something about the location as the previous inhabitant of that building, Vujon, was similarly excellent.
Hawkwind? There’s only one original band member left now - Brock - so regard them as a Triggers Broom band. Anyway Simla and My Delhi are the two best Indians in Newcastle town centre. The latter is cheaper. Both top notch.
Another shout for Dabbawahl. Probably best curryhouse I've been to. Lots of small plates, as oppose to traditional one curry, one rice job.

Prefer Jesmond one to City Centre one. You can jump a metro afterwards.
Well. I went to Simla and have to say it was one of the most disappointing meals I've had for ages. Doesn't say much for the ratings system on TripAdvisor (n)
Had a trio of chicken tikka. Overcooked and barely discernible tastes with a small pot of salad. Then Jinga moolie, tasty but only 3 king prawns in it :)
Eye wateringly expensive for what you got + Needed a pudding because I was still hungry :oops: