Anyone else growing tired of Warnock whingeing


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Don't get me wrong, I'm not calling for his head to roll, or even calling him out over recent poor performances.

I just wish he would get his head down, keep his shoulder to the wheel and keep his gob shut.

I'm sure he is doing his very best but showing a bit more dignity would be welcome. He is far more 'half empty' these days than half full. Can't do much for the morale of the player's.

And find something positive to focus on when talking to hacks - or speak with them less. With every passing week i have a greater disinterest in what he has to say.

Nobody likes a whinge bag. My missus would sack me if I wandered around chuntering like he does.

Whinge over. CBA with the bloke any more. Im returning his signed photo, he can put it back in his bumbag.😉
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I think when people express their frustration and others agree it’s reassuring. Not so good for those who disagree