Another new virus cometh...

Yup, Damn you China.

Just like Spanish flu (which probably started in the US)
Swine flu (which started in Mexico)
MERS ( Which started in Saudi)
Actually, although the first reported cases of MERS were in Saudi Arabia, it appears to have started in Jordan:
Through retrospective (backward-looking) investigations, [health officials] later identified that the first known cases of MERS occurred in Jordan in April 2012.
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Virus' probably pop up all the time in new strains. Whilst the article is fear mongering to an extent, it has long been known that a deadly, virulent virus strain has been the biggest threat to the world.

That is why the haphazard preparation for the current pandemic is criminal.
Sensible post at last.

New strains of flu have appeared annually for many, many years.

They often originate in China, are identified and a vaccine is made well before it has had time to spread.