Adverts Update


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The interesting ones were the ones in threads that were formatted to look the same as a post by a member. Lot's of opportunity for clicking on the wrong thing accidentally.
All adverts have been taken down - as I explained on Apologies thread what happened yesterday was not planned at all.
Hoping to try again today to place them manually - and avoid some kind of auto over-ride that saw automated adverts appear everywhere.
But this is one of the reasons for running two sites side by side - as we still haven't got everything worked out as yet.
We obviously need to build the content side of the site as well at some point.


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It actually looks like server issue - we turned off something called google auto ads but it looks to me like they are showing again.
They also started at same time on new Blackpool site
Will investigate.
Is it worth you setting up a temporary copy of this forum in it's current state? As a developers (alpha-site) test environment. Then use that as the place to test out your advertising options. It would be in a controlled environment at first. Away from this site that has real (beta-site) users.

Once you and the people sorting out the adverts have got what you think is a good compromise on adverts you then implement that scheme on here. For beta-site testing with real users on here. So you can get ideas about likely revenue generation. Plus feedback from users etc.

I think your users would be much happier with this approach.