Adverts on here


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I used to joke that the FMTTM owner got 1p a post and 'in the old days' that would have been a tidy income.
Surprised that it actually costs to run it, didn't realise that.
So having to deal with the children and idiots all day long, myself included, and having to pay for the privelage........... hats off.


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Some of the ads are not great but this contributes towards robs living, I'm sure we could just ignore the ads and still enjoy the board.


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I spent yesterday and up to about 10 minutes ago using the web with all ad blockers turned off. It was pretty depressing across the whole surfing experience.

On this site I got 7 very noticeable ads on every page with some ads loading across posts.

The strangest ad I saw on this board? Well it has to be this one..........

Which took me here when I clicked on it.


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I don’t mind the ads down the side but it is the ads between replies that are annoying, it is so easy to click on an ad by mistake when scrolling. 3 ads in between the 10 replies is a bit much.


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Seems I spotted a problem, and punished for it. Apparently the ones I flagged had admins avatars in...... I have no idea what that is... don't understand why restrict someone for doing something helpful.....

Thought this was a community..... really upset me