A day in the life of Greg Wallace

That's a bit harsh. He spends nearly as much time with him as he does playing turn based strategy games and in his defence he never wanted him anyway.
I recant, half an hour is plenty of time with a non verbal child when you have video games to play.
I read the article all this comes from and I feel you are all being a bit unfair on him. Don't like or dislike him but can be a bit of a prat at times.
Literally any programme that he appears in gets switched off, I'd rather sandpaper my own 🔔end than spend any time listening to or watching him, his "cheeky grin" puts the TV in danger of a boot through the screen. Smug patronising a-hole.
He’s a massive arsèhole who seems ashamed of who he really is, which is a greengrocer who supports Millwall and loves a stupid baker boy hat and cheap Eurofizz lager. Moving to Kent and pretending you like rugby now is fooling nobody, Gregg, you deluded, self-aggrandising tosser.
I find it staggering that he thought it would be a good idea to commit to print that he only agreed to have another child if they got "help around the house", leading to his mother in law moving in, when he openly admits to locking himself away for hours at a time to play computer games. Grade A 🔔end
It's mad how he thinks that way, never mind says it, end then allows it to be printed.

Completely oblivious to what others think, or he just doesn't give a toss about anyone but himself, either way not good.
I have three friends who have hosted Greg on his television shows and each talk of him being arrogant and nasty. Generally a really horrible man who changes when the camera starts rolling.