5kg Patio Gas Bottles

Have a look on Facebook… always someone selling the empty bottle

Not sure if calor at port Clarence still do a walk in service like they did years ago but might be worth a ring

Place over near the riverside might be worth a try… about opposite the navigation
Thanks for the suggestions. As most have mentioned getting a refill or a swap is not too bad but buying the initial one is the problem.
I actually already have one but I’m looking to buy 2nd.
I have an empty gas bottle in the shed you can have, will be glad to get shot of it. Let me know if it is any good and it is all yours.

Cheeky little hack btw if you want to know how much gas is left. Pour boiling water over the side of the container and then touch it, where the gas goes up to will feel ice cold.

If you have decent scales you can weight them as the tare value is on them but thats a quick method